An invoice is not nearly as important as what happens before and after it is sent. Think about it, without some sort of marketing, sales, customer follow-up and rapport, chances are you will never get to the invoice stage, which means – you’ll be out of business.

Once that invoice gets sent, and hopefully paid on time, most businesses consider this the final step in the sales cycle.

WRONG! This approach can hold you back from doubling your income over the next 12 months.

The key to any successful business is consistent sales.

Most businesses invest more time, money and energy into acquiring new customers than into tapping into their current customer base.

This post is not about creating upsells, I’m sure you have that perfected… right? This post is about utilizing your current customers in order to generate new customers without having to do the legwork yourself.

Think about this; If you’re sending an invoice via email to a client, you feel confident that the product or service you delivered was of value right? Otherwise, they would be complaining before you had a chance to fire off an invoice right?

So chances are your customer is thinking of your product or service as they receive the invoice.

In which case, their mind focuses on the value you delivered.

At this specific time in your business cycle, leveraging their good vibes by adding a sentence or two in your invoice email can double your sales.

Doubling-your-sales-by-invoicingHere is how:

1. In your email text-box, ask them for a testimonial or review.

If your business is on yelp or google local places, add a link to each and ask for a review. (If you need ideas, I’ve listed some good sentences below)

If you’re not listed on either one, you better get on it. Here is a link to register on YELP and Google Local Places.
(If your business is in a trade-directory that you know generates interest in your field, then add that as well.

The key is to ASK, and then give them a choice. Here is a good example:

“P.S. I was wondering; It really helps potential customers feel comfortable hiring me when they see that others have had positive experiences working with me. Would you mind writing up a quick review on Yelp (Link to page) or on Google (Link to page) 

It’ll take two minutes. Thanks in advance!”

2. Add a link to your capture form.

If you’re web savvy, create a form on your website to capture testimonials and send them a link.

If you don’t feel like fiddling with your site, check out WOOFO forms. They have a free plan and it’s super easy to use.

Here is a good example of the text to put into your invoice email:

“P.S. I was wondering; It really helps potential customers feel comfortable hiring me when they see that others have had positive experiences working with me. Would you mind answering three quick questions for me? It’ll take about two minutes.”

If you’re following this method, a trick is to ask questions throughout the form which your customer can answer easily instead of them freewriting. Try this;

– What was your favorite part about (your product/service)?
– How has (your product/service) helped you with (your value proposition)?
– Why would you recommend (your product/service) to others?

Also include this question in there as well. This will help you get VERY valuable insight into what your customers really want that will ultimately increase the value of your product significantly.

What is one thing you’d like to see more of in the future? (Service)
What is one thing that would make our product even better? (Product)

So what are you waiting for, Create a online invoice and then click email invoice, enter your text and you’re off!

You’ll be surprised how testimonials come in handy the next time you are revamping your website, brochures or marketing campaigns.
I really hope you leverage the power of acquiring client testimonials at the right time and publishging them in the right channels, it will do wonders for your business!

Until next time,

Happy invoicing!

For more information on other ways of getting customer testimonials, Marketing Land has a pretty interesting article.