Invoice Maker Most Common Questions


20 Invoicing Mistakes

The biggest issues when it comes to invoicing can be prevented by following this outline.

Not offering various payment methods

Businesses grow faster if we’re able to the sale of our products or services easy and convenient to our clients. This should also apply to invoicing. By offering multiple payment methods for your clients to pay their invoices, the collection process will be much smoother for you as well as your customer. You also want to make sure that it is clearly outlined on your invoice, preferably in the “Terms” field.


Various Styles Of Invoice Tempates

Welcome to the new Invoice Maker PRO. One of the most requested features was having the ability to choose from multiple invoice template designs. You’ve asked for it, done!

Among lots of other features we added to the PRO version (which is still available for Free), there are currently 5 different invoice tamplates in the platform. They are available to all Basic and PRO members and are located in the settings section.


How to double your sales with one sentence

An invoice is not nearly as important as what happens before and after it is sent. Think about it, without some sort of marketing, sales, customer follow-up and rapport, chances are you will never get to the invoice stage, which means – you’ll be out of business.

Once that invoice gets sent, and hopefully paid on time, most businesses consider this the final step in the sales cycle.

WRONG! This approach can hold you back from doubling your income over the next 12 months.

The key to any successful business is consistent sales.

Most businesses invest more time, money and energy into acquiring new customers than into tapping into their current customer base. (more…)

New Invoice Maker Cover

You asked, we listened!

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added quite a few features to the Free Invoice Maker that will make invoicing easier, faster and more convenient. Two of the most requested features we received was adding PayPal Integration and a Invoice Preview option – well, here it is!

Free Invoice Maker Platform Updates